Share tags between 2 or more gateway inside the same project

An interesting feature would be to share tags (opc, memory) from 2 or more gateway from the same project with no copy ou multiple definition.

I known there is some way to partially achieve that, with retargeting, OPC connection from one gateway on another gateway but it’s limited to OPC tag, and we have to define the tag in the source gateway and again in the destination gateway.

Perhaps the database driven provider is the solution to share tag ???
but not compatible with UDT ou OPC tag ???

This is one use for data driven providers. I believe UDT storage in the provider was being added shortly.

Yes, external tags are the best way to do this- you can have multiple Ignitions all working on the same tag database (the tag’s “driver name” tells them which one should actually provide the values).

UDT support in external providers is coming in 7.6.


Thanks a lot.
UDT support in external providers in 7.6 would be perfect !
What is the best database engine to use for external providers to obtain the fastest reponse time ?
HSQLBD/H2 kind of database engine, or mysql/sql server/… ???

Any news about UDT support in external providers for the 7.6 ???