Share windows within projects

In the same server we need create serveral different projects, one for each plant component. Some windows are common between these projects.
Is it possibile to share windows between projects on the same server?

Thanks in advance

Sadly no.

This functionality has been requested in the past. It just hasn’t made it to the top yet.

One option you might want to look at is re targeting. This can allow you to seamlessly move between projects.

You could also just copy the shared windows to all of the projects by right clicking on the window in the project browser tree, navigating down to “Send To” and picking the project you want to send it to, or pick “All Other Projects” to copy it to all of your projects at once.

The only downside is if you need to make changes to the window, then you have to make changes to them all separately. Unless you can make the change and copy it to all projects again… I haven’t tried that yet though, just thought of it now :wink:

Roberts suggestion of retargeting would be a great way to implement what you would like to do. Both suggestions would work fine, but with retargeting you wouldn’t run into the issue of having to update multiple windows across numerous projects. Here is some information from the user manual on retargeting. … etting.htm

+1 to requesting this functionality. We are about to split our single gateway into multiple gateways/projects, so this would be a huge time saver. Rather than having to copy/paste between the designer whenever a common window is changed in multiple projects, it would nice to have an “Ignition level” window rather than just project. Even sharing windows between different projects within the same gateway would be a step in the right direction and a big help for our current setup.

You can always submit a feature request

Like this one? :slight_smile: