Shared expressions and SQL

For some reason the feature requests forum is locked?

Are there any plans to implement user-defined expression functions in Ignition? I know there is runScript, but this isn’t great (due to the polling, can’t make any assumptions about side-effects, etc). It would be nice to have a way to declare shared, parameterised pure-expression functions somewhere.

Similarly, I would like to be able to do this for SQL queries (again, parameterised), which would probably be able to use the same system as above.

I haven’t had chance to play around with Ignition 7.7 much yet, but I don’t think anything has been implemented there.


The request forum is locked because we’re handling them at now.

User-defined expressions are possible using the Ignition SDK. The idea of defining them in a project is interesting, but without digging into it a bit I’m not sure how feasible it would be.

Parameterized SQL queries, or something like it, have been on our radar for a while (I think… there’s some talk of some defining SQL queries by name that a client can reference and execute for security purposes, my memory is hazy though).

Anyways, it wouldn’t hurt to post these up at the new ideas forum. We’re not very good at responding to everything posted there, but we absolutely are watching it and cherry picking things to go into 7.8 and beyond.

Ok, added to: … -functions

I also realised that it would be really helpful if these were callable from python code, so that they really can be used everywhere.

Not sure how applicable this is to your request, but it is now possible to run pseudo-SQL queries against a dataset, generating a new dataset. Look at view() in the Simulation Aids module.