Shared file updates import via designer or gateway

There's an excel .xlsx file on a shared drive that I need to have available in Ignition.
It's updated pretty much daily.
I have @JordanCClark's excelBytesToDataSet function (I've popped it into a project script for now) and it works delightfully, but I don't want to have to use the fileUpload component in Perspective if I can somehow pull in the file through the Gateway or the Designer, since I know the file needs to be updated regularly (weekly at least, possibly daily) into Ignition.

I've tried doing a scheduled Gateway Event Script and got:

IOError:'[drive]:/[folder1]/[folder2]/fileName.xlsx' does not exist or isn't a file

I used forward slashes to try to avoid needing to use escapes. Do I need to or should I use backslashes?
Do I need to use the StringIO module on the fileName? If so, what syntax should I use?
Should I be doing something else entirely that I haven't thought of?

I have access to the Gateway Web page, but not the machine it's on.
I'm not sure how I'd go about giving the Gateway access to the drive and/or folder, if that's a thing that would help.

Any directions gratefully received.

If you're using Vision, there's no "super simple" way around having the file available at each client. There are definitely some "moderately tricky" ways to go about it however.

Assuming you're using Perspective, everything runs in the "Gateway Context" so the call to system.file.readFileAsBytes() will take a path on the gateway's host OS.

If this is windows, you'll want to use backslashes for your paths. You can put an "r" before your string to tell python not to escape characters.

Thank you for the reply!
I'm still just getting the same error, regardless of r and backslashes.
I've had IT check the file path from the Gateway, and that doesn't make a difference either.

Thanks for extra options though.