Shared Library 'New Package' option

When you right-click on Global/Script Library [shared] the context menu includes a New Package option (v7.9.5). How does this work? There’s not a single mention in the User Manual. I tried creating a package and adding a script file to it, but I can’t figure out the syntax to call a function in the script. shared.[package name].[module name].myFunc() fails. [package name].[module name] .myFunc() fails. [module name].myFunc() fails. Anyone know how this is supposed to work?

Omit brackets from package and script names.

There are no brackets, I was trying to be generic with the syntax.

shared.myPackge.myScript.myFunc() is how it is supposed to work. Something else must be going wrong. Just try to import shared.myPackage.myScript to see what error messages you get.