Shared Script Library Functions do not work in Console

I have written several functions in the Shared Script Library that work fine when fired on Button actionperformed, but don’t seem to work in the Script Console. Is this correct?

This was fixed in 7.8.1, however if you add or change shared scripts, you’ll need to reset the script console using the reset button before they’re seen. Some users are also reporting that they need to restart the designer for the new scripts to be seen. We have a ticket to fix that, but I have no idea on the timeline.

Thank You. That took of my issue.

I am having this issue on 7.9.1. I update a shared script, commit, and save. However, when I press the refresh button on the right side of the Script Console, it does not reflect the script changes. Only restarting the Designer allows me to access my changes in the Script Console. Is there anything that can be done to avoid this issue?

There were two bugs around this behavior that have both been fixed - those fixes will be in 7.9.5. For now, restarting the designer is the ‘best’ solution.

Thank you. What is the release timetable for 7.9.5?

Tentative schedule is about a month until 7.9.4 final, with 7.9.5-beta1 very soon after that. Final for 7.9.5 will be a ways out because there’s going to be a lot of things in it.

Thank you! Sounds good.