Shared scripts in 7.6


Is there a way to have shared scripts in legacy version (7.6) (under the app namespace)

I have several global script modules I use in several projects. Each time I modify a script module, I must import it in all projects wich are using this module…After time, I don’t remember wich script is the last version and it’s difficult to maintain

I know that in newer version there are shared or project scripts distinction but I can’t upgrade…

Unfortunately, no. IA restructured the script support code completely to make shared scripts possible.
As an alternative, consider rewriting your stable scripts in java in a module. Then updating the module will replace your scripts in the system.* namespace without any action in the projects.

OK I was thinking about Java but until now I haven’t written Java custom modules, and I have not a lot of time , even if I have already coded in Java in the past.

Are there some samples in the SDK ? Or Have you some skeleton code to start ?

Start with this section of the the SDK programmer’s guide.

Thanks a lot