Shared scripts not updating tags that call them

I’m wondering if anybody else is experiencing this issue, or if I am missing something fundamental here…

I have a shared script that I am calling from a tag change event (value change). The first time I create the tag and the tag event with the appropriate import.
from shared import script
Great. Everything works fine.
If I then edit the shared script however, it seems the tag doesn’t update the script it’s calling.
For example, let’s say I change the script name from ‘script’ to ‘script_new’. The tag will continue working, but in my mind, it should error, because there is no longer a script called ‘script’. Same goes if I’m just editing the content. Nothing updates. I have to copy all the content into another script with a different name, and then point the import on the tag to the new name. Rather annoying when every little change I make to the shared script has to be done in this way.

Any words of wisdom??

Thanks in advance!

So looks as though it is a bug with 7.9.1. Upgraded to 7.9.3 and no longer have this problem.

The same more or less happens with 3rd party scripts (at least until 7.9.2, didn’t try those things with 7.9.3 yet).

If you have a script in Ignition which imports a module, which in turn imports another module. Updating the code on the last module alone won’t cascade into ignition. It’s only when you also update the middle code that the entire thing is loaded again.

Is it possible you were having something similar here? F.e. a shared script referencing another shared script? Updating the middle shared script (which requires an actual change to the file) should reload it all.