Shared Templates

I would like to take advantage of using [shared] templates so as to share templates across multiple projects on a gateway. But before I start down this path, I have a couple of questions:

  1. Are there any known performance hits from using shared templates vs. project templates? In particular when deploying hundreds or even thousands of instances of different templates in a project?
  2. Are there recommended methods (other than Find/Replace) for moving a library of “project” templates to the [shared] space so that template paths are updated for all template instances in a project?

Thank you

  1. We do notice performance degradation when using shared templates: saving a project in the designer has become a lot slower when shared templates are edited. There’s no performance degradation noticeable in the clients though.

  2. No, find-and-replace is your only option.

One thing we have learned to watch out for, is the sizing of the templates. When the size is altered, all places where the template is used (so over different projects now), should also be checked.