Sharepoint to view Ignition data - best practices

Any suggestions for a NEW application (setting up test enviroment):
End Game: poplulate Sharepoint with plant data from cloud hosted ignition

  • WAN PLC data via OPC or DNP3 to a cloud hosted ignition server
  • MQTT data to sharepoint requiring visualization development in sharepoint
    Is there a means to populate sharepoint with visualization developed in ignition?

Client constraints: Sharepoint is the corporate standard, all other peices to make it happen are open.

At a high level, from least effort to most effort:

Option 1: SharePoint has a link to a Perspective page. Ignition uses AD or AAD as the identity provider. SharePoint users click on the link and are directed to the Perspective app.

Option 2: Ignition creates reports on a schedule and saves them as PDFs in SharePoint. SharePoint serves the reports to users the same way that other documents are served.

Option 3: SharePoint creates reports on-demand and shows them.

Option 4: ?

If this worked the user couldn't the user just go directly to the Ignition URL?

Option 2: Ignition creates reports on a schedule and saves them as PDFs in SharePoint. SharePoint serves the reports to users the same way that other documents are served.

If this works the same way as Teams then this should be possible by using a Sharepoint email address to create posts. I'm not sure how it would work with cloud-based Ignition though.

I too am interested in this sort of feed but for different reasons. Our company phones have Outlook and Teams access but don't have VPN access to the Ignition gateway. I'm trying to figure out how to send periodic (every 15 minutes) reports to Teams and purge them periodically. The email report posting method might work for our situation when Ignition is on the company network but Teams is cloud-based.

What else are people doing to solve the OP's problem or mine?

sketch of initial concept - comments...


Yes, but if SharePoint is a portal for all your data and a one stop shop that everyone in the company starts with then they would want a link there that is managed by the company. If everyone has bookmarks in their browser to get to the applications that they use and when a new application is launched they email the link to the relevant people then ... well you have to wonder why they are using SharePoint.

Ignition doesn't seem to be part of the proposed architecture.

Anyone with sense would wonder anyways, Ignition or no. :man_shrugging:

{ Sharepoint is the pinnacle of vendor lock-in, surpassing even Apple's walled garden. IMNSHO. }

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Meh. I'm not a fan of SharePoint, but I am a fan of going to, clicking on myDepartment and seeing links to my apps. Letting IT update the links if the server names change. Maybe see some news and announcements. It can serve that role pretty well.
When people spend lots of time building SharePoint apps - that seems like an odd choice.

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Maybe I'm behind the times, but I thought SharePoint was more for sharing and collaborating on files. Power BI would be more for dashboards with data, and I've heard that gets pricey. If you're generating reports and publishing PDFs to SharePoint, that makes sense, but like I said, maybe I'm behind the times.

Sounds like it would just be easier to configure your IdP to be the same so SSO would work between them and just provide a link to the Ignition project to get truly live data without having to mess with MQTT.

"Meh"sums it up - sharepiont is not built for what were looking to do. Why the client wants to utilize it... this is were management and engineering go for all other corporate data.

We have tested protocol converters from Red Lion with AWS MQTT connectors to expose PLC tags onto a Sharepoint page. This was step one.

So to answer one comment from Tim_Carlton about Ignition not being in the system architecture - yes this can be done without Ignition.

But to the next requirement which is active and historical alarming is were I'm quite sure we'll need ignition.

When this is done I'm sure the customer will want trending, reporting as well on Sharepoint.