Sharing Database connection between Gateways

I have a Hub and Spoke architecture but the spokes all have SQL Server Express Edition for local database access and local reporting…etc. However, I need the central server to also have that data (yes, a copy of the same data is ideal). I am not using Tag Historian or Transaction Groups as this is more of an enterprise application instead of a typical SCADA system (where tags normally represent individual instruments). I know I could utilize SQL Server replication/mirroring (except that Express Edition doesn’t support it), or I could script triggers in SQL to send data…but I’d prefer to utilize the GAN and Store/Forward capability to the central server. Something like a “Remote DB Provider” would be perfect because I only expose port 8060 using SSL as opposed to opening port 1433 on the central server. Anyone have ideas as to how to accomplish this?


There currently is no official way of doing this over the gateway network.
You CAN create scripted queries that return datasets on each gateway, then use gateway messaging to request the data from the remote gateway(s)

There is a request in at ideas for just this resource though.

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Thanks. In the meantime, I’ll try to implement SQL Relay on the Ignition server so that the SQL Instance is “visible” by the remote gateways.