Sharing scripts/snippets

Is there a preferred place to share scripts/snippets?

  • A post in 'Ignition' or 'Ignition Exchange'?
  • Github?
  • Ignition Exchange (website)? It's not very discoverable however (for google).
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The exchange is for modules not scripts/snippets. At least from my understanding.

Some people have posted code/snippets/tips/tricks on the forum with a good title. This is probably the best route. Especially if its not too complex.

The more complex stuff shared is usually still shared on the forum, but hosted on GitHub. They share the GitHub link and give a good explanation.

So I'd say post on the forum with a good title. If it would be hard to read the info in the forum, just provide an explanation, good title, and link to a GitHub project. If its easy to read the info a post, just share it away in the post.