"Shelve" alarm for 5 minutes after notification

I need to be able to have my alarms not notify for 5 minutes after the initial notification. I would still want the alarm to be visible on the screen but just so it doesn't send a notification out until the delay has passed. I tried using system.alarm.shelve but it didn't show in the shelved section of the alarm status table so that wouldn't work unless you could make it show there. Is there a good way to do this with the notification pipeline or would this be something that one would have to implement in the PLC before it ever reaches Ignition.

In an alarm pipeline, you can directly add a Delay block before your Notification block:

Or, if you think there's a chance multiple alarms could enter the same pipeline within a given timespan, you could set up Consolidation on the notification block:

Yep, I plan on using consolidation for some of the alarms but I talked with my boss and we agreed that rather than making some workaround to stop alarm floods lets just do it right. Thank you for your help though.