Shelved Alarm in Clear and Acked System Tag


I have been using System tag "Gateway/Alarming/Clear and Unacked" in a binding for the Perspective Audio component. However, an alarm that was shelved for 4 hours had added to this count a couple times during that shelving.

Our routine to acknowledge all the unacknowledged alarms uses system.alarm.queryStatus() to get a list of the "ClearUnacked" and "ActiveUnacked" alarms and acknowledges each with system.alarm.acknowledge(). This did not catch that shelved alarm, so we had to unshelve the alarm first to acknowledge it.

Is this normal behavior for Shelved alarms or a bug in the system? For reference, this Gateway is using 8.1.27.


Please feel free to submit a ticket with us at, so we can track and troubleshoot this issue. Thanks!

You can include the shelved alarm in the query:

system.alarm.queryStatus(state=["ClearUnacked","ActiveUnacked"], includeShelved=True)

But I do have the same problem as you with my script that Set/Reset a bit a a PLC for audible alarm. Before using the shelve function everything was working fine. After an acknowledge, the count of the unacked alarms was alwasy zero dues sending the reset bit.. Now with an unacked shevled alarms my count is no longer zero. I did try a bunch of stuff to get the alarm EvenID of only the shelved to just force them to Ack while on the shelf but did not find anything working.

Any ideas all?