Shelved alarms disappeared

Hello all,

Ran into a strange situation. An alarm was shelved for 24 hours, alarm appeared in the shelved list. After the time had expired, the alarm reappeared in the alarm list (as normal). The alarm was then shelved again (24 hours), this time the alarm did not appear in the shelved list, and was removed from the alarm list.

I confirmed that the tag was still in alarm but it was not appearing in either the shelved list or the alarm list. Looking at the alarm history, the only entry related to the alarm was shown when the alarm entered the alarm state, no clear or acknowledged.
I did notice that the alarms that were “shelved” and missing from the list had a 1 in the “AlarmShelvedCount” parameter instead of a 4, as other shelved items did.
I retriggered the tag (which was already in active alarm) and that caused the alarm to reappear in the alarm list.

Anybody come across this before?

One other thing, is there any way to change the columns in the shelved list? The path doesn’t show me enough information to differentiate alarms easily.

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Good day!

Controller… did you receive a response for that issue? I’m currently having the same situation and I would like to know if there is a way to correct that display issue.