Shelving alarms via email

Hello everyone,

I was wondering: can I shelve alarms via mail? I mean if I click on a link in the mail (the alarm notification mail) I want the alarm to go to ‘sleep’ for a set amount of time before I get the next mail (if the alarm is still active).

If that’s possible, stop reading here! (And please help me on my way if you can!)

I’ve recently started adding alarms to my Ignition project and I was also wondering about the following thing:

When an alarm occurs I receive an email after a delay of 5 seconds. After another 5 seconds the pipeline checks if the alarm was acknowledged (I can acknowledge the alarm via mail).

Was the alarm not acknowledged via mail => I get another message without delay.
Was the alarm acknowledged via mail => after a delay of 30 seconds I get another message and the loop goes on. In this case though the isAcknowledged() expression stays true so from this point on I always get a message after the delay of 30 seconds.
Is there a way to reset the isAcknowledged() property of the alarm (say after the delay of 30 seconds)? What I want to make is: if I acknowledge the alarm via mail the first time, I want to get the next message after the delay of 30 seconds. After these 30 seconds are over I want to reset the acknowledged state so the next time I get the same message I need to either acknowledge again (to get the delay of 30 secs) or not acknowledge at all (and set no delay for the next message). And so on… until the alarm is cleared automaticly.

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A. Sozen

You could create a web service that looks for links and processes those links (assuming your email device is connected to the internet for viewing web pages). You could also create a Gateway Timer Event that checks a dedicated email address and processes the subject and/or text of the email to acknowledge alerts (or anything you want it to).

Neither solution is exactly trivial but they’re not extremely difficult to implement either.

There is currently no mechanism for shelving alarms through email in Ignition. adamaustin is right though, you could set up a script or web service that would do it for you.

Any pointers on the script to check an email?

I want an email to ack an alarm (ultimately to toggle a tag) but the email goes external to our company and it seems the 2 way email notification needs the recipient to have access to the gateway.

I’m guessing the checking for an email is the only solution.