Shelving an Alarm from a Remote Tag Provider

In Perspective I am using the standard Alarm Journal object to view alarms which are coming in via tags from a remote tag provider. It is worth noting that the actual alarms definitions are defined on the remote gateway.

From this “front-end” server I am able to Acknowledge the remote alarms, however I am NOT able to Shelve them, it just ends up with either a loading icon indefinitely, or a message with a message like: “Unable to Shelve Alarm”

What settings govern this mechanism of shelving remote alarms?

Found it @plo


Exactly what I was after. Cheers. As a side note, this change took 5-10 minutes and a couple of Perspective Workstation restarts to make a difference to our remote workstations.

This behaves like a bug. There was no indication that the service security was the problem, the alarms page just froze completely.