Shop floor startup \ shutdown alarming philosophy

Somewhat new to IoT and a new project is rolling out where I work. One thing that I am wondering how other people handle is when the shop floor is starting up\ shutting down.

There is no set time for startup and shutdown and before various sensors get up to temp they would start triggering alerts. Just wondering how people have handled this :slight_smile:

Iā€™m not sure of the details of your setup, but we typically take this on a case by case basis aiming to program alarm triggers in the PLC to avoid nuisance alarms. For example, if we expect a sensor reading to be too low for x time after startup, the alarm is conditioned on time after startup greater than x. We typically do all of this in the PLC, which is a bit different than putting alarms directly on analog tag values in Ignition. However Ignition gives the flexibility to implement logic like this in alarm settings too.

Can SFC not be used for this sequential startup/normal operation/shutdown phases? I am just guessing. Some one may please enlighten on SFCs?