Short Tutorial on Using Maven and Archetypes to make a Vision Component

Good morning,

Not a question post, more of a tutorial. I’ve been learning to make a custom Vision component and to started writing something for my own notes/coworkers. I thought it might be of value to anyone here trying to learn this as I am. This article will take you from using Maven to create an archetype to importing the boilerplate code into Ignition as a component. Feedback is welcome. Any thoughts on what Part 2 should get into next are also appreciated.

The article: Creating Your First Vision Component From Maven Archetype Part 1 | by Brian Karabinchak | Aug, 2021 | Medium

I know this forum is normally reserved for questions but I thought this might be of value to others who frequent.


Nah, answers are always welcome! Otherwise we’d be in trouble. Answers before questions just gives us a Jeopardy! vibe. (: