Shortcut to Launch Project to a Certain Window

Is there a way to make a shortcut, maybe a batch file, to lauch a project and make start on a specified window?

The best way to do this is to make a “fake” project that retargets to the project you want. Retargetting allows you to specify the window(s) to open. Should be seamless since the credentials are carried across.

So you’d need a separate fake project for each window that you want to start in? You still can’t easily pass data into the project initially, right?

You would just need one project that runs a script and retargets to the right project/window(s). It could be based on who logs in, where from, or anything else you can think of. Maybe you want to store something in the DB when they log out and log them back into that screen.

ie you could have a script like this:

if == "Bobby": fpmi.system.retarget("MainApp", "", ["Header", "BobbysWindow"])