Shot in the dark here...but...Modifying multiple objects tag paths

I suppose my screen is more of a design error due to me just learning but if I want to change the tag paths of all the objects on my screen from Default, To a folder with my tags without having to touch every object on the screen separately is this possible? Obviously moving the OPC tags into the folder breaks the links.

It is possible though not trivial, Vision or Perspective?

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If you shift and right click, you can copy the window XML to the clip board, you can paste that into a file, and the use a script or other method to do a find and replace for the tag path parts you want to modify.

I think perhaps @nminchin has done this in the past, and may have more/better information.

Simpler, though possibly not perfect:


I got my tags done using the XML editing methods. Thanks everyone, turned an all day effort into about 45 minutes once I got everything set up.

Ver 7.9
A short while I moved a tagname to a different tagname folder and I discovered that the search and replace did not encompass tagname paths within report script parameters (the little white boxes at the bottom of the scripting for reports). So, I went into all the reports and adjusted the tagpath manually...
Otherwise, the search and replace did a great job.

We're actually actively working on find & replace in reporting; it'll likely land in one of the next few 8.1.X releases.