Should I expect a log file with no errors

My system always has errors - mostly from applications, but also system errors as well. I have an expectation that I should not see reoccurring errors in the system (Not warning or other log info).

Is this expectation not reasonable ? Hoping the collective group can give some guidance.

I think you should strive for it, but it's not always possible.

Sometimes devices are expected to be offline and you're using a driver that complains about in the logs, or any number of other examples.

Thanks Kevin - I am fine with definable reasons like the one you listed. I am more concerned about items that do not have clear explanations and just fill up logs.

would love to hear others thoughts on this - thanks in advance

Well, the answer is really "it depends". Without seeing the actual errors you're seeing, it's more or less impossible to definitively say "yes, that's a real problem" or "no, that's spurious and we should turn it down". In general, first party Ignition code is "pretty good" about only logging actual Java exceptions as errors, which as the name suggests, implies some "exceptional" thing happened - the 'happy path' was not followed.

I would also ask the question of...does it matter? If you see an error logged in your system, but can't explain the error message and can't determine anything wrong with your system, you can probably empirically determine that it's not relevant to you. If you really want an accounting, collect your logs and contact our support department with specific questions you have.