Should I expect changes to XY Chart soon?

I am working on doing easychart-like functionality for XY Chart which includes being able to dynamically specify which tag historian data to show on the chart.

I heard a rumor that an update is coming for that body of functionality.

So basically, I’m just asking if I should be expecting changes in the next week or few or if I should be working on building a home-grown solution.

I’m also interested in any information I can gain about the expression bindings on the XY Chart. I started digging into those and suspect it’s a part of the XY Chart that might not be getting tested as heavily. I think there are some bugs in that part of the XY Chart but I won’t report until I have enough specifics to avoid sending the devs on a wild goose chase.

We recently fixed a whole list of issues with Expression Bindings (I believe they are in the 3/12 build, but always take the newest build whenever possible). Any issues with Expression Bindings would be with Expression Bindings in general, not Expression Bindings for the XY Chart. A localized Expression Binding issue would be far more likely that the component is failing to internally digest the value supplied from the binding.

As for the XY Chart, I know it’s being worked on, but I don’t see any code pending review so I would not expect any changes to the chart before Tuesday or Wednesday at the earliest - and that’s assuming the Dev isn’t interrupted with a higher priority issue.

All good information. Thanks for the update. Knowing it’s being worked on; I think I’ll stand by till I see notes in a daily update re: XY Chart.

Hi Steve,

Our charting components are currently in flux. We are actively exploring other avenues to provide solutions that are much simpler and more performant.