Show Dataset of Places into a Ignition Perspective Map


I have a list of places (with longitude and latitude) in a dataset, non named queries, and I would like tos show them on a Map. I guess I would need to aply this list to the layers.vectors value. Any idea on how to solve this ? or should I add item by item

After this I will need to aply different kind of shape to each place depending on a Named Querie.

Those would be markers. What have you tried?

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Following Ignition University I can do it adding one coordinate by one on the layers, I wonder if there is a way to add all together just with a dataset.

Almost anything you can do manually with properties of a component can also be done automatically with dynamic data through a binding, often with a transform to produce the "shape" of data the component needs.

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Where should I bind a dataset that has 3 columns, Name, Longitude and Latitude?

Where would you configure them if it wasn't a binding ?

I would do by hand one by one,


The thing is I don´t know wich property to bind the Name, Long and Lat to.

This is similar to a problem from a few days ago. You should be able to adapt my answer.

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