Show first page with table and page headers, but second and so forth only table?

Don’t know quite how to do this. I have a report with thick rows. The first page looks like this -

which is fine, I need all those headers on the top. However, since the rows are so thick, I would rather not have those custom text label headers. This table on page one, pictured, I have sort by TopN, and I only have it do the top 3 records based on id.

However, for the second page of my report I just copied and pasted the tabled, turned sorting to Default, and it looks good except it starts with same first three rows.

How can I do an offset of the first three rows, like everything BUT the TopN of the rows on the table of the first page?

Depending on your exact requirements, instead of doing two tables with (basically) the same data you could do two peer tables in a tablegroup. The first would have only the header row (unstructured) and would contain the Equipment ID and other one-off information. The second table would be your actual table with headers and details. It could wrap naturally without you having to manually split the data.

I did put together a fast test of this and it seems to do what you’re looking for.

I have never done this with a tablegroup before so bear with me.

I turned off the TopN sorting. I clicked on Make Table Group. I added Two Peer Tables. Now how do I draw the second table component on my page two that acts as that second peer table that takes up the full page? When I add a Peer table too, it comes through as “Object”, should I be changing the Data Key to my Datasource?

I don’t think you need a group. Just add a header to your table on the first page, make it unstructured, and put your content in there? Then it will automatically cleanly wrap to additional pages as needed.

You will only have one “Component” on the report page. It will look like this:

Note the thing that says “Table Group” in the bottom left corner. I’m going to call this the table group button.

When you click on the table group button the Property Inspector will show you the whole table group, like this:

Clicking back and forth between the tables in the table group, in this case “Objects” and “query”, will show you the table on the report. To specifically configure one of the tables, select it here and double click on the table component itself.

Click the table group button to see all the tables available again.

My test is set up like this:
Objects table:
Has only header (no details no summary)
Header row is unstructured. I’ve dropped a few parameters into the cell just to make sure it works.
No data key (I’m only using parameters in the header, not specific data)

query table:
Data Key: query
Header row: Static text
Details row: column values

Results (data redacted, but each line is what I expected):
Page 1

Page 2


My understanding is that @bkarabinchak.psi wants Equipment ID, Equipment Name, etc. exactly once. He also wants Record ID, TimeStamp, etc. as many times as there are pages. To have it both ways I think you need a table group. You effectively need two headers to behave in different ways and a table group is the only mechanism I can think of that gets you there.

It’s also possible I just misunderstood the requirements.

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No, I think you’re right. I thought you could use row versioning to have effectively multiple headers for a single table, but it doesn’t look like that’s the case.

You’re understanding of my requirements are correct. This worked perfectly. This reminds of early HTML, seems like tables are the way to go about formatting everything nicely lol. I would not have thought to do a table with no data key to make the header. Thanks a lot!

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