Show http URL in Iframe in Perspective

Hi all,
I have an http(not secure) url that should be binded to an Inline Frame
But I have have to view the Inline Frame in an https url
Is this possible?

it highely depends where the webpage is from. iframe security is tough to predict, you'll just have to try it out. some things will be limited, it really just depends on what is needed

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Thanks for that
I tried charging the referral policy property but it didn't work

Other browsers might have different security around iframe, but i doubt you want your clients to use those xd
Where is this http site from? Does the company have access to it ?

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This is generally not allowed by browsers: Mixed content - Web security | MDN

My usual recommendation is to put reverse proxy that has HTTPS enabled in front of legacy resources that can't be upgraded to use HTTPS.


Browser security wont let you add unsecure content to a secure website.
Had the same problem with Guacamole VNC recently.

Like Kevin says, reverse proxy like Nginx is the way to solve this. Or upgrade your http site to https.
You can also open the website in a new tab with a button.

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