Show Message to Open Clients

The clients rarely close for our company. When we push updates, we use the manual update option, because we cannot interfere with the use of the client. Since the update is sent out every time you update any of your projects, even ones that were not really affected, operators have been trained to ignore these updates until we come out and ask them to update.

Is there a way to send a message to clients with a specific project open to tell operators that they should accept the update they see?

Use system.util.sendMessage() and have the message handler in the client pop up a window with system.gui.messageBox()

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This isn't true, unless you've changed one or more of your shared scripts. Use project scripts for everything new, copying them around as needed, until there's a convenient opportunity to consolidate proven functions into a shared script.
If you are using tag events that call shared scripts (since there's no project context), consider converting them to tag change scripts in a gateway-only project (no windows).

I make a lot of reports for our system. We have our own scheduling system because we needed more flexibility than Ignition’s provided. As part of our system, we need scripts outside the reports and those have to be in the gateway. We also have built a large library of common methods, which we constantly update.

With all of these updates, the operators would be constantly clicking that button and interrupting their work flow.

Interesting. You might want to consider putting all of your reports in one project – that isn’t displayed on the gateway homepage. Then your report scheduling system could be entirely contained within that project’s project-scope scripts. The scripting methods for accessing reports allow one project to run a report from another, so the only major annoyance would be working around the report viewer. /-:
Anyways, making constant changes to shared scripts in a large deployment sounds like a disaster waiting to happen. IMNSHO.

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