Show min & max on keypad

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Is possible to show the minimum and maximum limits ( bounds ) on the numeric keypad that shows up when a NumericText Field is clicked? Even something similar would be ok, the goal here is to have the user know the limits while the keypad is shown.

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I don’t believe you can put this directly on the keypad, but perhaps you could put this somewhere else on the window that is visible while the keypad is shown.

Use a numeric text field and a label. Bind the label’s text property with an expression binding to the numeric text fields maximum/minimum property:

# The label's text property
concat("Max: ", {Root Container.Numeric Text Field.maximum})

The Numeric Text Fields properties

The result

Thanks for the answer :blush:
But unfortunately, this option will not work for me ( I have no space inside my windows to do that )

What about this…making your own popup window that has a keypad and other information on it. Go to the Cloud Templates Browser and search “Numeric Input.”



Yeah, I thought the same thing.
I think I’ll do it.
Thanks again for the answers :blush:

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