Show PDF from Sharepoint

HI togeher,

I try to read a PDF file from sharepoint and view it with the PDF Viewer in Vision.
For this I used the GRAPH API and it works, but really slowly. So if you try to get a PDF with around 8 pages it takes about 6 seconds to open the file. It feels like you are in the 90’s.
It is so slow because with the http request you recieve the download url, which you can use for the URL of the PDF viewer.
By the way, this also works in Perspective.

Does somebody know an opportunity to open a file without downloading it. I don’t want to change anything, I only want to view it in Ignition without waiting so long.

Thank you

Is this Vision or Perspective? Please edit the question and add in the appropriate tag.

Just how big is the file? (One way or the other, it will have to travel over the network.)

The file has 530KB.
I hoped that there is a way, to open the URL without downloading it. If I open it like usual in Sharepoint it’s shown without downloading it. This is much faster.

Hmm. It goes over the network just to view it from Sharepoint, too. There must be some nuance to Sharepoint that matters here, and I’m just not the guy to help.