Showcase API License Still Trial Mode

I have managed to create a License code for my Module using the Showcase API, but when I enter the code into the Gateway, the Module still says it is in Trial Mode. Is there another step I am missing?

Do you have a platform license? Module licenses (secondary licenses) created by us third parties don’t actually work if the platform doesn’t have a primary license.

@pturmel I do have a Platform License. However, I have noticed that in the Showcase API, there is an unchecked box labeled ‘Approved’ for this Module which I don’t seem to be able to check. Does a Module need to be approved before it can be licensed? If so, how do I go about approving it?

No, just to show up in the public Showcase.

@pturmel In that case, I’m not sure what I could be missing. We have a Platform License and even another Applied License (not one we generated) active on our Gateway.

Our Module is currently self-signed using the Maven tool. Would being self-signed prevent it from being “Activated” instead of “Trial”?

Edit: I notice that the license appears to be for “version 1” of my module, but the module is currently listed as version 2.1.0. Could this be the problem? If so, how do I specify which version of my module a license is for from within the Showcase API?

That would be it. In the list of modules attached to a specific license, there is a column for the max version supported. It defaults to 1. Just increment it in the Showcase API, then refresh your license in your gateway.

Thank you! That worked.