Showing server ip/hostname in window title of designer

Does someone know a way to show the ip or hostname of the Ignition server in the title bar of the designer window?

Perhaps there’s a module somewhere? Or perhaps there’s a gateway setting where the appearance of the designer can be changed?

This would be very handy when moving certain features from a test server to the production server (to avoid moving it the wrong way around).

I think the title comes from the System Name field from the Gateway Settings.
–Gateway Settings
–System Name field
The Designer Session Title will be: ProejctName - System Name

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from javax.swing import SwingUtilities
root = SwingUtilities.getRoot(event.source)
root.setTitle("%s - %s" % (root.getTitle(),"[System]Client/Network/IPAddress").value))

This code is directly from a button, but any trigger method should work - getRoot() just needs a component reference.