Siemens 1200 device module not connecting

Hi all.
Ignition system for our Brewery Building Management System.
Primarily Allen Bradley but i recently purchased the Siemens module to add some IO to a S7-1200 controller and had it added to our license. I enabled it and then went on to add a network s-1200 controller. The IP address pings on the Ignition network and I’m connected online to the controller with our network.
Under Configuration–devices–everything (Two Compactlogix controllers and a Red Lion protocol converter) shows connected except the Siemens device. The IP address of the controller has been verified in the edit tab.

I have a ticket out with IA but it’s been a few days.

Thoughts? TIA

Have you verified the “Considerations for 1200 and 1500 Devices” from the driver’s documentation?

I have. The only issue I may have is isolating the access level and the Get/Put items mentioed.

Where would I find these settings?

In the Siemens programming software. The 1200 and 1500 won’t talk to Ignition out of the box. (The latter has a built-in OPC server option, though.) Others on this forum have more Siemens experience.

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Thank you. I went through and checked these but still don’t have a connection.

I saw something about only Tia Portal version 16 is OPC compatible…not sure if this is true or not