Siemens Addressing Help

Can some one help me figure out where my tag addressing is wrong?

I am using

ns=1;s=[Doffer M19 North]DB700,X0.2 

here is a screenshot of the DB:

Returning an ERROR for value


It's not immediately clear from the screenshot where the error is coming from. I would recommend reaching out to support and making a ticket so we can take a closer look. Here's a link to our support portal:

I'm curious if your other values from the bits around it (i.e. 0.0, 0.1 and 0.3) work. Is the error you're seeing isolated to DB700,X0.2? If not, do other values from this device in other datablocks work? Additionally, if you edit the tag in the designer and look at the tag diagnostics, is there a more verbose error message? This would be good information to add to both this post and a support ticket if you decide to submit one.