Siemens addressing issue or PLC setting issue?

I was provided these 2 addresses.
The 1st one worked fine (ns=1;s=[device]DB10,D54)
The 2nd one shows as 'Bad' (ns=1;s=[device]DB8,X3430.0)

1st one PLC is S7-300
2nd one PLC is Simatic ET 200SP (using S7-1500 in Ignition device connection)

After doing some research (not too familiar with siemens) and help from our controls engineer, I came to see the address as Offset 3430 of Data Block 8 with the issue potentially being DInt not Bit, so I tried DB8,DI3430.0 which failed as well.

I'm suspecting I'm still missing something related to the addressing, though could Ignition connect to the PLC, but not be allowed to pull tags?


have you tried using it without the ".0" at the end? just

(ns=1;s=[device]DB8,DI3430 )

yeah, no luck unfortunately

Is the et200sp acting as remote IO or is it one of the open controllers ?

If its just a remote IO, this connects to a PLC so you have to direct your request to that PLC that controls to the Et200. ns=1;s=[PLC]DB8,X3430.0 or ns=1;s=[PLC]DB8,DI3430

If it is a open controller, do you have any other tags that are working in ignition from that device as there is some settings that need enabled in the hardware config.

Can you grab a screen shot of the DB showing DI3430

Yeah the second address you were given is incorrect. Perhaps they meant DB8.DBX343.0? Also is optimized block access unchecked for the DB in the S7-1500?

Controls engineer informed me he is certain it is NOT a remote IO and provided the below picture.

*offset 3430.0 is the address he found to the tag I'm needing


Should work, can you read other values from that PLC? Reason I ask is put/get needs enabled but if you can read other tags then that should already be enabled.

Try read one of the other values like bool value X3466.0

X3466.0 didn't work. If I go through the Ignition OPC Item Path I can see and assign the same tags for every siemens PLC. Do these count for proof of put/get enabled?
If not, then that may be the issue.

No. Those are internally generated by the driver, they don't represent requests on the wire themselves.

Ask your control engineer to look at the below. Mine is disabled as I dont use the ignition driver, I use the Siemens OPC. But in your case, it needs to be checked.

On siemens PLC Offset is generally hidden until you disable the "optimized block access" option, so maybe it is already disable...

but, check these considerations on your device and try again Connecting to Siemens S7-1200 and S7-1500 – Inductive Automation Help Center

His DB shows the offset column, which is normally hidden if optimized block access is turned on.

haha, I said it the other way around, yeah you are right it is hidden until you disable the optimization. (I will correct the previous post to prevent confusion)

Can some one help me figure out where my tag addressing is wrong?

I am using

ns=1;s=[Doffer M19 North]DB700,X0.2 

here is a screenshot of the DB:

Returning an ERROR for value