Siemens Addressing

Hi sir hope you are fine i want to tag tia portal’s s71200 tags with ignition
Tell me how i tag
Real value
Double word
Sir i need an urgent reply i am preparing a short project.

Idid not understand how to tagg tia portal integer word double word please help me

You can not use TIA Portal symbolic addresses with Ignition’s Siemens driver. Only absolut adresses as described here will work.
We may help you further if you can give us some more details about your problem.

Sorry dear i could not understand .
Just one tag i successfully created.

M4.0 = Mx4.0 data type=boolean
Iw64=? Data type=?
Md66=? Data type=?
Mw33=? Data type = ?
T0=? Data type =?
C0=? Data type= ?
Qw=? Data type= ?
Please help

How to tag real double word and integer timer display would you like to help me i am searching help from three days.
My e mail is
Please send me the procedure how to type iw64 in ignition and what to select in data type integer or string or what i will select

From the manual linked above (did you look at it at all?):
INPUT Area Syntax: I
Since IW64 is a 16 bit word, it can only be of Datatype
Word Syntax:W Unsigned or
Int Syntax I Signed
so if you want it unsigned the address is IW64, if you want it signed the address is II64.

Same for MD66:
FLAGS Area Syntax M (M is German for Merker, the English word is Flag).
MD66 is a double word (32 bit), so Datatype can be
DWord Syntax: D Unsigned or
DInt Syntax: DI Signed or
Real Syntax: REAL Signed
so valid addresses are MD66, MDI66 or MREAL66.

Only you can know what datatype you want.

Also from the manual: No DataType is specified for Timers, so T0 is simply T0. This only works with S7-300 cpu’s, Ignnitions Siemens driver does not support timers for S7-1200 or 1500 cpu’s. It is recommended to buy a license for the in build OPC-UA server for this processors instead of using the Ignition driver.