Siemens Comfort Panel OPC-UA Connect issue

I have try to use ignition opc-ua to connect a siemens op pannel that have the opc-ua function, and connect like the upside picture.

when I want to browse tags in ignition , I can’t find the tag

But I can use opc-scout

or kepware can browse the tags

How can I make ignition upc-ua have the same function to browse the tags like the kepware or opc-scout?

What version of Ignition are you using? Would it be possible to get a Wireshark capture of Ignition connecting and browsing?

In order to be safe, I test it in my demo server, ignition 8.1.0RC1

I install the wireshark on my demo server, it’s IP is
the target Siemens Panel is, here is the picture(this is the first time I use that)

thanks a lot

Can you upload the capture somewhere that I can access it? The pictures aren’t enough.

capture.rar (36.0 KB)
I upload in the capture.rar ,please check, thanks

Sorry it doesn’t look like you actually captured the browsing. Only ReadRequest and ReadResponse appear in your captures.

sorry for my misunderstanding
this time I first start the wireshark capture, then I use the designer to browse the TP700 tags, but there are no tags show in the ignition

also I try to click start then browse in the gateway

the document you can see in the attachmentBrowse in (64.7 KB)

Okay, on the settings for the OPC UA connection to this server in Ignition there should be an advanced setting called “Max Per Operation”. Try lowering this to 500 and see if you can browse the server after that. If not lower it again to 100 and try.

When I lower it to 100, it works , thanks a lot

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