Siemens driver byteswap

Hi all,

I did some tests with the Ignition siemens driver for s7-1500 PLC’s to check how communication works exactly between Ignition and Siemens PLC. My main goal was trying to toggle a bit in a word, a self written script fired on a button in vision client.
I figured out that, for some reason, the siemens driver did a byteswap. So this means if I want to toggle the first bit in word in PLC, in Ignition I have to toggle the 8th bit.

word in PLC : [0…7] [8…15]
byteswap in Ignition : [8…15] [0…7]

The scripting is more or less as following

def InvertBitInWord(word, bit):
tagpath =
if tagpath.quality.isGood():		
	value = tp.value ^ (1<<bit) #where bit is '8' (the 8th bit) 		

Has anyone else experienced this?
Is there a way to define in the driver settings to disable/enable the byteswap? I know from other SCADA packages you can set this up.

Btw, the reason I tested with the Siemens driver, is because via OPC UA connection Siemens has limited the number of tags send over OPC to max 10000 tags.

Sorry this post got missed.

Unfortunately the driver does not have an option to set the byte order or word order.