Siemens driver duplicting reads

Hi, when restarting the Siemens module it happens that it tries to read twice the value, once with the new connection and other with the old. So the value changes from its real value to a incorrect value. Is this a bug?
Ignition Version 7.6.2 (b2368)
Siemens Drivers 1.6.2 (b338)

What makes you sure that the value is being read twice on restart, especially by the ‘old’ connection?

Because when restarting doing the shutdown of the module the log showed that he couldn’t close the nodes refering to the Siemens tags. I wanted attach the log but during the weekend the log became flooded by warnings and I can’t restart anytime to reproduce the problem because some of the data is critical.

I think if you upgrade to 7.6.4 those error messages won’t be there any more. Don’t worry though - they don’t mean there are duplicate/extra reads happening. Or shouldn’t, anyway.

Ok. I will upgrade and let you know if everything works ok. Thank you a lot!