Siemens driver error

This error keeps occurring every time I change a Siemens OPC Tag.
Has anyone ever experienced this?


I deleted all my string tags and replaced them with character arrays.
This error has stopped occurring

how exactly did you add a character array? I am searching through forums and the ignition user manual and I cannot find a way to add an array of data type char. I am using a siemens s7-400 plc if that makes anything different

I addressed all the letters, one tag per letter, and then wrote a function to read as a string


def qrcodeChar2str(path):
	for c in range(1,11):
		l.append( + "/qrcode" + str(c)).value)
	s = "".join([chr(c) for c in l])
	return s

thank you for a quick reply! what data type did you use for the tags? because I also cannott find CHAR type in the list of supported types

I used it as a byte