Siemens driver - Reconnect after timeout

I had a little problem with a device connection after a gateway restart today.
The error in the log is
com.inductiveautomation.xopc.drivers.siemens.util.RequestSequence@xxxxxx request with key “…” failed due to timeout..
After disabling and enabling the device, the connection worked. The basic problem is not the Ignition driver, but the connected devices, that behaves a little strange after a connction loss, but normally it works after some reconnects.
Can you please confirm that the ‘Reconnect After Consecutive Timeouts’ option works ok while establishing the initial connection? If that is ok, is it possible to increase the time before the next connection attempt?

That option doesn’t apply to connect requests because the driver will already attempt a reconnect once either of the connect requests fails.

Do you need a further delay between connection attempts?

The connected device is a 3rd party protocol converter for an ancient Siemens S5 processor. I had this problem a few times before and it always worked after disabling the driver for a short time.
When the driver already does a reconnect i think a further delay is the only option. It is difficult to reproduce this, but i think something like 30 seconds would be ok.