Siemens Driver support for S7 1500 PLC

Does the Siemens driver support the new S7 1500 PLC? I’m assuming there isn’t a substantial difference between the 1200 and the new 1500 series PLC but your official documentation does not list the 1500 series.

Is there a tentative date of when IA will support the 1500?

I thought I heard someone report that it does work. Have you tried just using the 1200 driver against it?

If it doesn’t work unfortunately there’s not even a tentative date to work on it. It’s basically not on the radar at all right now.

1500 PLC does indeed with with 1200 Settings.


Be aware the S7-1200 and S7-1500 have 2 methods of defining data blocks if they are defined as ‘symbolic’ the Datablocks do not have a Datablock/Dataword absolute address therefore may not be able to be read using normal addressing method.