Siemens Driver with MPI to Ethernet Interface

Hi, all. We’ve got a few older machines with MPI-only Siemens PLCs. I have been looking at the various MPI to Ethernet adapters on the market, but I was not sure if the IA Siemens driver would work properly with these adapters? I’m trying to get the PLCs on the network as inexpensively as possible, but in the future, I also want to connect them to our Ignition server for data collection, so I’d rather get the hardware required to do everything I need the first time. Thanks!

the MPI-Ethernet adapters work with Ignition. We’re using the Hilscher NetLink and Pi’s S7-Lan without problems.

Awesome, thanks. The Hilscher NetLink is what I was leaning towards, so it’s good to know we shouldn’t have any issues there.

I know this is an old thread…but,

I’m investigating different approaches to this issues right now.
Besides Chi, does anyone else have experience with the NL 50-MPI? For instance, how to you address the PLC addresses and can I access all the registers like a normal PLC.
Any information would be great. These things are only about $720, but the time I take the machine down to install it is priceless according to production control.


Another option if you are using a s7300 PLC is to use an Ethernet/profinet module such as the 343-1 lean module. This fits on to the rack and gives you Ethernet connections to the PLC and direct addressing for your ignition program.


I have used the IBH Softec Device … ucts/20266
which I think is the re-badged Hilsher Unit, It will access all normal S7 PLC registers via IA without a problem.

Also there Siemens S5 AS511/Ethernet which allows access to S5 plc registers as if the S5 PLC was a S7 PLC so you can use S7 Drivers.

PLC Address for MPI convertor is set using the ‘rack/slot’ number in the Ethernet configuration of IA Driver

Hope this Helps


I am trying to using the Hilscher MPI Converter to connect to a Siemens S7 315-2dp and it doesnt seem to be working. I was expecting it to work straight away but i think i need to change the settings in the driver.

We are able to connect to the CPU when we add a CP343-1 communication card and have used the driver for other projects where we have a built-in ethernet port.

I have been reading about the hilscher unit and it appears to communicate on port 1099 and not 502, port 502 is used by the Siemens CP and CPU. I am not sure if i also need to change the “PDU” size.

Can somebody share the required settings with me ?


if you are talking about the Hilscher netLink NL50, it should work without changing any settings. For Ignition’s driver ignore the Hilscher Port 1099, you want RFC1006 on port 502.

A possible problem is the MPI/Profibus address of your CPU. You’ll find the rack/slot mapping on page 63 in the current Hilscher manual.

Hi chi

Thanks for confirming that it should work without any changes. I guess you meant port 102, i mistyped port 502 instead of 102.

I finally managed to solve it with a firmware update on the hilscher unit, i was using an old NL-150 unit that i normally use for programming siemens PLC and the firmware was from v2.00 and way back from 2009. The minute i updated the firmware it connected and started working. Apparently V2.00 only supports PLC programming ???

The default settings now work without any changes.

thanks for your help.

Hi Rohan

a long shot 6 years later.
How did you determine the level and upgrade the firmware on your NL-150 ?

I have a ~9 year old IBHLink S7++ (which I never realised was a re-badged NL-150) but Ignition can’t connect. Still works as a programming gateway though.

Hi michael

Its relatively simple to update / identify the firmware. You need to have the latest version of the S7 IBHnet configuration tool, i think you are already using this for configuring the unit for programming.
Once connected to the configuration tool, it will show the current version and allow to update the firmware.

You cannot use it for programming and connectivity to ignition at the same time, also make sure the rack /slot parameters are correct. If you need screenshots of the steps let me know, i will be happy to help.

Please double check the MPI / profibus selection and the address that you are using for the PLC is set correctly in ignition as well.


I got the latest IBHnet config tool, updated the firmware (was on 2.00) and it just worked then with no further changes. Thanks for the tips.
Does this mean I need to disconnect Ignition if I need to make program changes ?

Now I’m just grappling with Ignition’s ‘Siemens syntax’, but that will be a separate post.