Siemens ET200SP Long Real

Hi everyone,

I’m working with a Siemens ET200SP and I’m using the Siemens S7-1500 Ignitions Driver.

While everything else is working fine, I’m experiencing some trouble reading and writing LREAL Tags.

In Ignition the tags are declared as Float8.

If i write the value 0.0 from Ignition, i can see 0.0 in the PLC via TIA PORTAL and the same i can see in Ignition.

Writing the value 1000 from Ignition will produce a number wich is around 7.6e+21 in tia portal, but, i can see the correct value in Ignition.

I would like to understand if the problem is linked to the Siemens Driver, if I’m doing something wrong, if i choose the wrong driver for the PLC.

I tried to write on a REAL using in Ignition the Float4, and everything is working correctly.


The driver doesn’t support LREAL types :frowning:

Ok Thanks for the support Kevin,
have a nice day.