Siemens Ignition Integration

I’m very new integrating Siemens PLCs with ignition, is there a way to access the HMI tags? I have an S7-1200 PLC connected, I’m able to see all the coils but I’m having issues reading the Real tags I’m only getting the raw data, I enabled the access with PUT/GET and also disabled the “Optimized Block Access” in all my DBs (ex. DB10), but do I need to the same for my Organization Blocks [OB1] and the Functions [FC]?

I’m Not very familiar with the TIA portal, but HMI tags exist only in your OP panel, not in the PLC
Suggest you scale your AI values in the plc, and keep them in a DB, that way you also work with engineering values in your plc program, way more easy

OB’s, FC’s, FB’s don’t contain any usable data for scada, that just programing code

Yes, A tag is simply a name for a bit address to allow HMIs to be integrated into more PC-driven systems. You can also check the Siemens repair center for more details. Hope this might help you.