Siemens MD tag configuration

This configuration is working in Kepware’s Siemens OPC driver. How do I configure it in Ignition’s tag general properties? (I’ve tried various combinations without success.)

The Ignition documentation is rather short of specific examples for all of these. (I’ve succeeded with M and Q booleans and a DBxx, DIxx.)

Like this:

Thank you, zxcslo, for the quick reply.

I haven’t got your suggestion to work yet but I don’t understand why it should work. The Kepware data type is DWord (32 bit?) but yours is Integer (16 bit).

I do very little work with Siemens so I may be missing something basic here.

In Ignition, Integer IS 32bit.
In Ignition Short is 16bit (like Siemens Integer).
The difference between W(ord) and I(nteger) is that W is unsigned and I is signed.
So, if you have value in Siemens for example -123, you will use Integer in Ignition (MI). If you don’t need/have negative values, you can use MW.

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