Siemens, NTP server

I know the question is not the right one for this forum, but at the moment I don`t where else to ask.
Maybe I am lucky that someone had the same problem.

I have made a NTP server on the same Raspberry Pi that runs ignition, but can get this to update the time on the PLC (Siemens S7-1214), no time update & nothing in the PLC diag. buffer.

The NTP server is working fine on at Windows 10 PC.



Paging resident Siemens experts @chi and @zxcslo :wink:

I have a Siemens S7-1212 PLC and I just made a test…
On my Windows 10 laptop, where the TIA portal is installed, I set my Windows 10 to act as an NTP server and disabled the firewall (just for his test).
In the PLC, I set my laptop’s IP and checked the checkbox (like you did).
And the time was synchronized as soon as I downloaded the hardware configuration into the PLC…

I don’t know about Raspberry Pi, but the firewall in Windows won’t let the NTP through… you must explicitly allow it.
Other than that… sorry if can’t be more helpful.

Thanks for your effort and reply, it is appreciated :smile :smiley:
Firewall … will have to see if a Raspberry Pi is using that !

What wonder me most is that the NTP-server works on Windows 10

witch ntp are you using on the pi.

I have one at home and i have a s7-1500 plc so i can test it if needed.