Siemens OPC UDT

Hey there,

I’m investigating if Ignition is a platform we can use.
We mainly use Siemens 1500 plc’s so the Ignition driver is a no-go as it doesn’t support optimized blocks. So that leaves the built in OPC server in the PLC, which i got working.

However when I use the OPC browser and drag the tag in, it makes it as a document type.
Do i have to make the datatype first, if so how would you do this? I looked up the documentation but could not figure it out. And is it possible to import said UDT somehow?

I’m coming from a WinCC background so the whole thing is quite new for me. Different design philosophy


OPC browser:

Tag editor:

Ignition version is 8.0.16

Ignition maps OPC UA structured datatypes into Documents (JSON), not into any kind of automatically generated Ignition UDT.

The process to map these documents into UDTs is a little involved but it’s described here: OPC UA struct data type?


I think i have figured it out. I dragged the items from the opc browser into the UDT and have added the InstaneName in place of the valve number. And for the Struct i used a folder for legibility.