Siemens PLCSIM addressing with Ignition Maker

I have connected my Siemens PLCSIM to my ignition maker, but I keep getting a Bad_GatewayCommOff error after using the address [S7-1200]MX0.0, for a Digital Input tag addressed with M0.0 in the TIA. Please advise on what to alter in the address.
Thank you.

You have to set the gateways comm mode
How did you manage to connect plcsim to Ignition? I know that Plcsim advanced supports opc-ua but I am surprised you can connect the ‘simple’ Plcsim to an external application.

Thank you very much Chi. I will try this out and see if it works.
I used the NettoPlcSim app, it works like a charm.

Hello Chi,

I have tried out the solution but I got a different error message saying "Error_Configuration.
Please advise on how to resolve this.
Thank you.

Your address looks right. Did you enable PUT/GET communication (

I just did and I also got another error: null, Uncertain_InitialValue.
I seem to keep getting new errors after resolving the previous ones.