Siemens S7-1200 OPC Help

Hey everyone, first post, so thanks for the help. I am following the manual for adding a Siemens OPC driver and cannot get the tags to communicate. The PLC OPC driver is connected. I have double-checked the address string. I did the most recent firmware update for the PLC. The tag is OPC enabled. Below are screenshots. Please let me know anything I am missing or if the OPC driver just isn’t working. Thanks.

TIA Portal PLC config…

Designer Error…


Designer Tag Editor…

TIA Portal Tag Config…

Just guessing, but your tag name is TestInt and in Ignition you used IW0 instead.

What does the diagnostics tab for the Ignition tag say, if anything?

You may want to check

General>Protection & Security>Connection mechanisms

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Are there any errors in your logs on the gateway?

This was the correct answer. Thanks everyone!

No, it was the checkbox in TIA Portal. Thanks for your help.

There’s a couple other limitations to be aware of:

Very good to know. Thanks.

Kevin, the link seems to broken. Will you verify the link is good? Thanks.

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