Siemens S7 1200 PLC tag errors (first connection)


I am preparing my first proof of concept for a project using Ignition. We have a project built in the designer and we are currently working on connecting a PLC to the project. We have established a successful PLC connection to Siemens S7 1200 on the gateway but we are having problems reading/writing to tags that we have created in the designer. Please find attached screenshots of the errors we are getting. Any help would be much appreciated.


Check this KBA:

Thanks for the response but we have already followed those instructions to no avail. Is there anything else we can do.

Double check you’ve made all 3 of those changes if they weren’t already configured properly and then do a recompile and download of the PLC program. I think I’ve heard of some cases from support where the recompile was necessary for it to take effect for some reason.


You were on the money there.

For reference, i did a full hardware download (rebuild) of the PLC on Siemens TIA, restarted the designer and it worked.

Thanks for your help

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